• 30 Nov 2021

Planning, Research and Statistics Department The Department is headed by a Director and assisted by a Deputy Director as well as other supporting officers. It was made up of two Divisions namely; the Planning and the Research / Statistics Divisions.The functions of the Department are as stated below:

(1) Preparation of plans
(2) Monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation;
(3) Researching into sectors over which the Commission has jurisdiction;
(4) Sorting and monitoring of performance and efficiency targets for the various sub-divisions and staff of the Commission;
(5) Collection and processing of data and statistics;
(6) Management of the Commission’s records and information resources namely; computer, registry, library services.


During the year, the section successfully collected, complied and analysed the data especially on appointment, promotion and disciplinary cases approved by the Commission. It also coordinated the preparation of the draft of the 2010 Annual Report of the Commission. In addition, it updated the manpower statistics of the Federal Civil Servants during the year.

Library Services

The Library performed its traditional role of acquisition, processing, presentation and dissemination of information during the year. It also procured and circulated newspapers and magazines to the entitled officers.


The three (3) Registries namely Secret, Open and Appointment Registries carried out their duties effectively during the period under review.

Open Registry

The Open Registry (OR) carried out its responsibilities of searching, sorting, posting, creating and dispatching of letters and files to their respective destinations.

Secret Registry

The Secret Registry was in charge of keeping all confidential and secret files as well as maintained policy files on Government Losses Committee, disciplinary and promotion matters. It also dispatched all letters on disciplinary and promotion cases to the various Ministries/Extra-Ministerial Departments. In addition, it recorded the APER scores for the numerous officers who were due for promotion during the year in review.

Appointment Registry

The Appointment Registry was in charge of registering and giving out file numbers to applicants seeking for jobs in the Federal Civil Service. During the year, it registered a total of eleven thousand two hundred and forty eight (11,248) applicants and gave them file numbers