The Commission has a total of 456 officers cutting across the various levels; this number however does not include the Chairman and fifteen (15) Commissioners. The competences are as follows:

    • With 49 officers on Salary Grade Level 15 and above that possess at least a First Degree in relevant fields (Humanities, Management and Accounts) and cognate experiences of over 20 years distributed among the six (6) departments, the core competence is in order.
    • On Salary Grade Levels 10 – 14, there are 55 officers. It is however observed that most of the officers are not University Graduates. There is therefore a gap in terms of the competence within the bracket especially in the human resources management which constitutes the core function of the Commission.
    • On Salary Grade Level 03 – 09 there are 352 officers mostly support staff with few University Graduates on salary grade level 08 – 09.

Generally, the staff composition is lean with only 456 staff manning a six-departmental structure and saddled with the constitutional responsibility of Appointment, Promotion and Discipline for the whole Federal Civil Service.