• 30 Nov 2021

1. Development of Advocacy Programme to ensure that Commission’s activities are communicated to the Public.
2. Development of advocacy kits/information, education and communication materials for the Commission especially during Conferences and Workshops.
3. Coordination of the press coverage of the activities of the Commission through proper liaison with Members of the Press, arrange special press interviews for the Commission.
4. Carrying out daily analysis of press comments on the Commission and document same.
5. Carrying out Television and Radio Documentaries, Newspaper Feature articles, radio news commentaries as at when due; coordinates the publication of the Commission that articulates its various activities.
6. Provision of needed feedback on the comments and reactions of the Public on the activities of the Commission.
7. Carrying out all other Public Relations duties, advertisements, provision of information to enquiring public, etc.
8. Stakeholder mobilization and contacts, as well as events management in the Commission.
9. General out-reach and advocacy.
10. Contribution of Press reports to Commission’s website and the National Web Portal – Federal Ministry of Information.